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3M Detailing


Your car is an investment!

3m Car Detailing Dubai - Detailing does more than merely clean your car. It preserves or, as the case may be, restores its original beauty through, professional processes involving bug, tar, sap, lime removal, tire and rim treatment, interior leather and vinyl conditioning, carpet and headliner shampooing, wet sanding, waxing and applying protectants that keep your car looking new.

Regular Preventative Maintenance

Although there are some that believe that car detailing in UAE is a luxury reserved for high-end vehicles, it is in fact considered regular maintenance for all cars. In addition, having your car detailed a few times a year can add substantial resale value to your vehicle.

Germ Removal and Reduction of Allergies

Our Car Detailing UAE centers use specialized equipment such as steam cleaners and wet vacuums that help us get rid of stubborn materials and reach areas that would normally be difficult to get to. In addition, AC vents accumulate particles that could irritate passengers in the vehicle, specifically those with allergies towards dust or who have a tendency to have asthma attacks. Our steam process kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in your vehicle, which is ideal if there are other people apart from you and your partner that sit inside or if you eat or smoke in your vehicle. Contact us for car detailing Dubai.

Brand New Feel

Rather than having a dull and dirty car you may dread getting into, a good car detailing can make your car feel and look brand new. Our interior service will give your vehicle a fresh sheen that will attract the attention of all those who see it. A through steam vacuum will make it look like the day you bought it, ensuring you receive countless compliments for your pristine interior.

Interior Detailing Services

Interior Detailing Services

• Steam cleaning AC vents and upholstery
• Air conditioning germ & bacteria removal
• High pressure steam extraction
• Wet vacuum of carpet and upholstery
• Vinyl and dashboard shining and protection
• Leather upholstery and fabric conditioning